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Modular Homes Network, your Modular Home resource.  We pride ourselves at helping customers in Oklahoma since 1999.

If you are in the market today for a home, you need to be considering a Modular Home.  Modular Homes are definitely the future of home construction, bringing advantages in cost, schedule and quality.  Working with us, we will strive to provide you with all of the information that you need so that you are an educated consumer.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on helping consumers to understand the building process and are able to find their new dream home while getting the best deal possible.
Our tools, guides and reviews will be hugely helpful to you while you look and evaluate your manufacturer and builder options.  Our Network of builders has been built up over years, each being experienced in the industry and knowledgeable about the industry and the latest practices and technologies that are constantly advancing the systems-built industry.  With our extensive knowledgebase and the experience of our builders and manufacturers, we can guarantee that you will find the quality home you are looking for at the price that you want.

Armed with the knowledge from our free Modular Home Buyer Guides and other resources, we know that you will be better prepared and understand the build process.  This will help you to know the questions to ask and will make the overall experience more relaxed, and some would say fun.  Working with your builder, you will be able to sit down and talk intelligently about your build options, design details, floor plan choices and styles, custom modular home designs, quality of the materials, and the overall process so you know what to expect.  Having that knowledge is very powerful, so make sure to educate yourself in EVERY way possible.

We know that in the end, you will love the new home of your dreams.  We hope that you will take advantage of the resources that we have available to you to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.  We always continue to update the site and provide the most relevant and up-to-date information possible.  Feel free to contact us about anything that you find, as we view ourselves as a community resource.  New information is always being added and shared with new home buyers that come along.

We thank you for the opportunity to assist you.  We look forward to helping to get you into the next home.  Supporting you helps us and helps the manufacturers and builders on the Modular Homes industry.  And happy customers will help to spread the word about their experience and home building Modular is really the way to go.

Modular Homes in Oklahoma: Modular Homes cost less and save money

Modular Homes save money, as simple as that.  Using the latest factory-built technology and processes, Modular homes are built better, more efficiently, and with less waste that the traditional stick built process.  Modular Manufacturers are able to buy materials in bulk and through standardization of their designs, will get preferred pricing that can then be passed along to you.

Besides being able to save money on parts, modular home manufacturers are also able to save a great deal of money whenever it comes to labor as well. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not have to employ so many contractors, subcontractors and other types of laborers since these homes are assembled on a factory assembly line. Herein only a few skilled workers are required. Of course, your home will still adhere to all local, regional and state codes.

The efficiency of the factory manufacturing process will also bring other benefits.   The quality controls of the modern manufacturing process mean that your house will be built more exact and better assembled than what you will find with a standard stick built home.  Additionally, since it is assembled inside of a factory, it minimized the risk and damaging effects of mold and water damage that can happen in a traditional build that is open to the elements.

Especially in today’s economy, people are looking for value in their purchases.  A Modular home can save you anywhere from 10~30% of the cost of the home construction.  And those savings do not mean that you compromise on quality or selection.  The quality of the construction is best in class.  Do you think your home could survive being moved?  And you will not have to compromise on selection or floor plans either.  Factory Built manufactured homes can be built in any design due to the efficiency of computer automation and drafting.  The value and selection are key factors to why you should be looking at a Oklahoma modular house.

Modular Homes OK: Get your home built faster and save

One of the biggest obstacles to home construction is the planning and time needed for the linear construction process.  Modular Manufactured Homes help solve this problem by allowing your house to be constructed in parallel while the property site is being prepped.  This is impossible with a standard site-built home.  This can save months from your build schedule.  While you are in the process of getting the foundation laid in, your home is being prefabricated in the factory.
In the factory, your home is being built from start to finish by skilled teams that are completing every step of the assembly from rough to finish.  All of these skilled trades are employees of the factory and highly specialized on the modular assembly construction process.  The savings of time and the savings from not having teams of subcontractors will mean that all of those benefits will come back to you in the form of a faster schedule and a lower cost home in Oklahoma.

Modular also referred to as prefab homes in some areas, will be built faster and ready for you to move into months before a stick built home.  Image that you can set your home in just a few days and the home would already be completed with much of the finish work already in place.  Just some final details and you would have a home that is move in ready.  This additional time savings will also help add to the savings in your pocket.  Your budget will not need to accommodate months and months of additional carry cost that would be needed for a standard site construction schedule.    With a standard schedule being cut from one year down to six months for a modular build, the savings for the carry cost can add up very quickly. 

Modular House Design: Get a Custom Built Modular home in Oklahoma.

Everyone dreams of a perfect home for their family.  Many times it might involve a spacious house with extra rooms, spacious floor plans and all the amenities.  With a Modular design, you can have any design that you like.  Whether it is that dream design, downsizing your home and costs after the kids leave, or customization for accessibility and custom use, a modular designed home can fit your needs.  As more and more people recognize that there are no limits to the selection and options, homeowners and builders alike are turning to Modular Construction as the build process of choice.

Designing a custom modular floor plan can be as simple as sitting down with your builder to discuss what floorplans are available and what one best suits your needs.  Customizing can be as simple as changing an existing design.  Or it could be as dramatic as designing your own home from the ground up.  Whatever your goal, they are both achievable because of the ability to design the home plan and translate that to a factory, where it will be built in sections to complete your home. 

Whatever the design, you can also rest assured that the home will be built to the highest standards and meet all of the requirements for your local building codes.  Modular Builders and Manufacturers are aware of the Uniform Building code requirements that must be met for Oklahoma.  They constantly update their design and build process to comply and in many areas exceed the Home Building requirements.  And again, building a home that will be transportable creates a requirement that will mean that your house is better built and stronger than a traditional site built home.

Being able to select an existing design or designing a completely Custom Modular Home is up to you.  The Modular Manufacturers job will be to make sure that it is built with the best quality materials and process to produce your quality home in Oklahoma.  The manufacturer should share the details of the build process, finishes and materials with you to make sure you understand and agree with the plan.  One other area that people are now focused on is the materials and process to build their home.  Today, Green Modular homes are a new exciting option that the homeowner can select in designing their home. 

The design flexibility matched with the innovative benefits of Modular Home designs gives homeowners the chance to realize their dream tailored custom home.  That with the advantages of a better built, faster construction and cost savings will likely convince any prospective home buyer that they need to think Modular.  Finding a builder and manufacturer in Oklahoma are the other key steps to your home buying process.  We are the recognized experts in Oklahoma for helping connect customers to the best Modular Home Builders, Manufacturers, floor plans, reviews and design resources.  Get your free Oklahoma Modular Buyer Guide to get started with this information.  We can then assist you in your process to continue your search for your perfect home.

Modular Building: Green Modular Homes in Oklahoma.

Today, along with all of the great design options and custom modular floor plans, Oklahoma home owners are looking for environment friendly Green options.  Here again, Modular Manufactured Houses exceed the competition on multiple levels.

Modular homes are produced with less waste.  Because they are built in a factory, the build process is constantly monitoring production for waste and inefficiency.  And because these homes are built using the current lean manufacturing processes, they are better at identifying and stopping that waste.  

Additionally, when designing the options for a modular building, the designers can consider more green options and materials and build them into the build process.  Whether it is recycled materials, sustainable products, energy efficient appliances, solar and alternative power solutions, the Modular Building designer will be more aware and have better access to these options than a small builder that does not have the resources to investigate these options.  The balance of these environmentally friendly Green Modular Homes, innovative designs and the regulations must always be balanced with the requirements for building in Oklahoma. 

Factory Manufactured Homes are Stronger

Imagine how far your home would make it if it had to be moved on a flatbed truck.  Image how durable and well designed your home would be if it had to be moved.  That is how strong and well constructed OK modular homes in Oklahoma need to be.  Current modular home owners will often comment that their homes are the best constructed home that they have ever lived in. 

What makes the modular construction different? Again, the designers need to concider the strength to move the structure.  Therefore, the designs call for better quality of materials, additional framing for strength and stability, construction that requires both nailed and screwed construction along with glued floors to build a more rigid, durable structure.  Double bracing, supports and the strength of the design ultimately build a much stronger modular building.  Research and tests have shown that the modular homes are your best choice in disaster prone areas, including hurricanes that can destroy a site built home.

You can get a Modular House today…

If you are looking at your housing options, a modular home in Oklahoma is the place to start.  The benefits of Modular construction are obvious from the cost, schedule, process, quality and sustainability perspective.  The other areas that people will always have more questions is the home loan and construction finance areas.  These are areas that we can help provide more information to make this process as easy as possible.  In Oklahoma, like many areas, there are different products and ways to approach purchasing the home.  Whether you already own the land or are looking for a combination of home and land, the first step is educating yourself on the available options and what solution fits your needs.  This again is the area where we can help with our years of experience in the industry.

Modular Home loans are more widely available than ever before.  As the manufactured housing industry has grown, one hurdle was understanding how to finance a construction process that is different than all of the other construction types.  Today, lenders now understand the difference between a modular home, manufactured home, panelized home, prefab home, mobile homes and others.  As well, they understand the strength of modular homes compared to others and support them with products to fit the end customer’s needs.  Good credit or bad, there are options out there to help you get into the house of your dreams.

You have likely heard a little about Modular and wanted to learn more.  Maybe you have even seen the section of a home being transported to a site and wondered good the final home was.  That homeowner was likely in your shoes at one point and asking the same questions.  But with the right information, education guides and help from a builder were able to build a great home for their family.  The first step is to get as much information to make yourself the best educated consumer of the manufactured modular homes.  We can help.  Get started today by grabbing one of our free guides to help you get started toward your next new house.

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Modular Homes

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