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Modular Home Ratings Guide


Imagine having unbiased ratings for over 80 different modular home companies in North America at your finger tips. With concise reviews, detailed rating charts and money saving tips, it’s no wonder our publication is considered the best consumer resource for modular home buyers just starting their search for their dream home.

Up-To-Date Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

Our best-selling book has helped tens of thousands of buyers just like you find quality modular home manufacturers that meet your expectations without breaking your budget. With today’s economic situation its becoming difficult to know which companies will weather the economic downturn and which ones will go out of business.

Our guide is up-to-date with accurate information based on solid research. While its impossible to know the financial stability of every company, we have done our best to put forth our findings based on data collected from a variety of sources.

Purchasing a modular home is a big investment. Those that do their research before they buy will be able to make wise and informed decisions. Our Ratings will teach you how to select the right manufacturer and SAVE THOUSANDS in the process. There is no other modular home resource that we are aware of that combines money saving buying tips with fair and balanced ratings.

modular testimony

Mr. Eaton,

We have bought several homes in our lifetime but our retirement home purchase in Florida has been the best thanks to your book. Your book helped us select the right manufacturer and builder. We did a lot of research on the Internet but could not find any ratings or comparisons on factory built homes until we found your website. The rating charts alone are worth the cost of your books.

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel (Florida)


Over 80 Modular Home Manufacturers Rated!

Our publication rates over 80 modular home factories in North America. Overall the industry has been open to speaking with my research team and me. As expected, a few companies declined to speak with us but most welcomed the chance to get their information out. An article on each manufacturer provides important information with helpful facts and insight. Understanding how the manufacturers compare to each other is the first step in deciding which model or brand to consider.

Modular Manufacturer

Modular Manufacturer

Modular Manufacturer

Advance Systems

Handcrafted Homes

Penn Lyon Homes

All American Homes

Haven Homes Inc.

Phoenix Building Solutions

Alouette Homes

Heckaman Homes

Pinnacle Building Systems Corp.

Apex Homes

Heritage Homes

Pittsville Homes, Inc.

Avis Homes

Holmes Building Systems, LLC

Pleasant Valley Modular Homes

Barvista Homes

Homes by IBS

Professional Building Systems

Britco Canada

Homes by Keystone

R-Anell Homes

Cardinal Homes, Inc.

Huntington Homes, Inc.

RCM Modular

Carolina Building Solutions

Integrity Building Systems, Inc.

Ritz-Craft Corporation

Contempri Industries, Inc.


Rochester Homes

Crest Homes

Kan Build Inc.

Signature Building Systems

Crestline Homes, Inc.

Keiser Industries

Simplex Industries, Inc.

Custom Touch Homes, Inc.

Manis Custom Builders

Southern Structures

Deluxe Building Systems, Inc.

Manorwood Homes

Stratford Homes

Design Homes

Marcoux Homes

Summit Crest 

Dickinson Homes, Inc.

Mascot Homes

Sun Building Systems

Discovery Custom Homes

Mid-Atlantic Building Systems

Taylor Homes

Dynamic Homes, LLC

Mod-U-Kraf Homes, LLC

Terrace Homes

Epoch Corporation

Modular One

The Home Store

Excel Homes

Muncy Homes

Timber Creek Homes

Factory Direct Modular Homes

Nationwide Custom Homes, Inc.

Timberland Homes

Foremost Industries

New England Homes, Inc.

TLC Modular Homes

Future Home Technology, Inc.

New Era Building Systems

Unibilt Industries, Inc.

Genesis Homes

Norse Homes

Wardcraft Homes Inc..

Guerdon Homes

North American Housing

Wausau Homes Inc.

Guildcrest Homes

Oxford Homes Inc.

Westchester Modular Homes

Hallmark Homes RI

Parti, LLC

Wisconsin Homes, Inc.

modular ratings chart
Modular Home Rating Charts

Our staff rates each modular home plant, based on: Quality Construction, Design/Style, Appraised Value and Price. Data collected from interviews with each company, various builders and associations within the industry. Within each category, a manufacturer receives a rating based on the research and data collected. Each category has a possible 25 points, 100 points being a perfect score.


Mr. Eaton,

Your book is just what I was looking for. I have been trying to research which modular home companies deliver to my area. The Internet provided some answers but after reading your book I was amazed to learn all the different factories within a short distance from my location. A great resource, thanks!

Bruce, PA


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Many modular home builders have display models for potential home buyers to walk through. These models are professionally decorated to impress buyers with elaborate decorations, elegant furniture and dazzling floor plans. But what is behind the sheetrock is what really matters. This 15-page E-Book is loaded with helpful diagrams and important construction tips.
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How to Secure the Best Home Loan Possible
Knowing your financing options is the first step before you start shopping for a modular home. We have spoken with hundreds of modular home lenders and Mr. Eaton the author has gone through the process himself. This 12-page E-Book is loaded money saving tips and insight that will help you avoid some common mistakes people make when financing their home.
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Modular Home Ratings Guide

#1 Selling Resource Since 1999

Over 30,000 Copies Sold
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After a couple of hours reading our Modular Home Guide you will know who's who in the industry. Knowing what questions to ask is critical when shopping for a Factory-Built home. Our resources will give you the tools you need to select the right manufacturer, builder and negotiate the best price possible.

We remain committed to our readers by offering unbiased information about the factory-built housing industry. We have NO hidden agendas. We receive no commissions or advertising kickbacks. We have not accepted any payments to promote one company or another. If you are not completely satisfied with our products please return them within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


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