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Modular Homes Jackson, Mississippi Modular Homes Building Codes

Below you can find links to Modular Home Building Codes and Building Authorities for Jackson, Mississippi.

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Code Alert: The City of Jackson, MS, plans to adopt ICC 2003 within the next calendar year.

Jackson Mississippi Modular Homes Building Codes

Code Type Code Model Amendment Contact
Building/Dwelling Code IBC 2003; IRC 2003 online
Structural Code IBC 2003; IRC 2003 online
Plumbing Code IPC 2003 online
Mechanical Code SMC 1997 online
Electrical Code NEC 2005 online
Fire/Life Safety Code IFC 2003 online
Other Codes Gas: IFGC 2003

Mississippi Building Authorities (BA)

Building Authorities are those government officials who are the final authority on questions in a particular area (or jurisdiction).
Functional Area Contact
Structural Inspections
Phone: (601) 960-1190
Plumbing Inspections
Phone: (601) 960-1190
Mechanical Inspections
Phone: (601) 960-1190
Electrical Inspections
Phone: (601) 960-1190
Civil Public Works
Phone: (601) 960-1651
Accessibility Inspections
Phone: (601) 960-1190
Historic Preservation Historic Preservation
Phone: (601) 960-2071
Zoning Land Development Division
Phone: (601) 960-2037
Planning Site Plan Review Coodinator
Phone: (601) 960-2253
City Attorney City Attorney
Phone: (601) 960-1799
Fax: (601) 960-1756
Public Works Director
Phone: (601) 960-2091
Fire Marshal Fire Marshal
Phone: (601) 960-2018
Parks/Recreation Director
Phone: (601) 960-0716
Aviation Director of Facilities
Phone: (601) 939-5631

Other Mississippi Municipalities

Modular Home Building Codes are also available for the following municipalities within Mississippi:


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