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Modular Homes in Hawaii

Hawaii Modular Home

Modular houses are one's that are constructed in factories. They are then taken and assembled at the job site. These homes are not the same as mobile homes. Site-built and modular are both stick built homes.

Site-built homes are subject to bad weather. This causes delays and can make the whole building process take much longer than anticipated.

Mobile homes are completely factory made and are built on a non-removable steel chasis. They are much cheaper than modular or site-built homes and do not appreciate in value. Modular homes are built in sections. They adhere to all local and state codes for building. Once the building of a modular home is complete, they are shipped in sections and put together at the housing site by a crane. The foundation has already been made while the modular home was being built.

Modular homes in Hawaii have many advantages. This is why their popularity has increased so much over the last 5 years. Modular homes tend to be 10 to 30 percent cheaper than site-built homes. Manufacturers by their materials in bulk and can past the savings on to the builder and consumer. When you manufacture indoors you don't experience any of the typical things that on-site builders do like rain and snow. You also encounter theft and vandalism in site-built homes. This is not a problem with modular home construction. Waste is also a consideration and there is much less of it in an assembly line setting.


Hawaii Counties include:

  • Hawaii County
  • Honolulu County
  • Kalawao County
  • Kauai County
  • Maui County
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