modular homes

Modular homes and modular home builders

Modular homes builders are quite busy these days building modular homes across the country!

This industry is beaconing more and more popular as people discover the advantages to building a modular home.

What are the advantages to building a modular home?

Material that can be bought in bulk: Manufacturers purchase lumber and materials in big quantities resulting in lower cost.

Cost of financing: Construction time is quicker with less interest charges that result in less money you pay.

Environment that are controlled: A clean manufacturing facility, indoor construction area, inclement weather is avoided, which results in greater labor efficiencies, making costs lower.

Material Waste much lower: Job site theft is lower, ability to recycle, protection from rain and bad weather, lower cost.

New Manufacturing Technology: Precision equipment and efficient material handling result in more accurate construction with fewer mistakes and lower cost.

Controlled Quality: Manufacturers build to the appropriate building code required by each state, work is inspected by manufacturers and also 3rd party, non-biased companies . This results in fewer errors in construction and lower operating costs.

Time Period for constructing the modular home: Manufacturers deliver the modular home to the job site at about 90% complete, total time for constructing the modular home is greatly reduced, meaning less interest payments and a quicker rate at which the modular home can be occupied.

Modular Home Floor Plans: Most manufacturers provide the plans you need for building permits and the ability to complete the house without requiring an architect, which means lower costs and more savings to the home owner.

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