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Modular Home Manufacturers

The idea of building a home in a factory in not a new thing. Manufacturing homes began as early as the 1890s when Sears started selling prefabricated homes out of mail-order catalogs. During this time, Sears sold over 100,000 mail-order homes from the year 1908 to the year 1940. So, even though some might think of factory built homes as a "new thing", it is not. When done right, the results of factory built homes are lower costs and a better built modular home.

Most people don't even realize that site-built, stick-built homes use factory built components. Think of windows and doors. Think of roof trusses and your interior moldings. Most of these are now factory built. Consider also the drywall and cabinets for your kitchen and bath. Because of the time saved, the quality controlled environment and the assembly line techniques, the assembling of a home in a factory provides a more stable and efficient setting for the building of a manufactured home.

Modular Home Manufacturers

Manufacturers of modular homes still deal with the stigma of "mobile homes". Mobile homes are not the same as modular homes. Modular Homes are placed on a non-moving foundation whereas mobile homes can be moved from location to location. Manufactured modular homes are secured onto a permanent foundation and cannot be moved again. They are the same as stick built in that they are "stick-built". As Americans, we accept many other products that are factory built but are for some reason still intrigued with the notion that site built is better.

Many stick built contractors are changing over to the modular home manufactured way of building a home. Why? There is a shortage of skilled construction workers. This of course is a cause of concern for custom stick builders. Modular manufacturers are winning them over with quality built homes. Builders now only have to worry about finishing the last 10% of the construction of the home.

Why are consumers turning to modular home manufacturers?

Consumers are looking for increased quality, faster turn-around time, better prices. Many find that they cannot get a stick-built builder to respond quickly enough. They are not fond of construction estimates of 6 to 12 months for a home to be constructed. 30 to 90 days for a modular home to be built is much more appealing. Consumers are looking for superior quality and craftsmanship and find that they can get that with a modular home manufacturer.


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