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Hello, my name is Randall Eaton, best selling author and consultant for the factory-built housing industry. I have assisted over 50 clients from around the United States. Whether you're an individual homebuyer or large scale developer I can provide valuable insight regarding manufactured, modular and panelized

Factory-built housing is becoming a big business. Investors, builders and developers from around the country are utilizing system-built housing as never before. Building projects can vary from condos in Florida to affordable housing projects in California. I can help you select the right manufacturer, negotiate costs and provide detailed reports for your particular project.

We Provide Two Levels of
Service to Meet your Needs!

Individual Homebuyer...If you're considering taking on the role of Owner-Builder or you just want us to be involved with your project we can help. We will assist you in your project by reviewing your documents and job estimates. We will offer advice along the way and help you stay on time and on budget. Need help locating sub-contractors or planning your construction budget? Or maybe you need assistance in choosing a floorplan or manufacturer. Whatever your needs we can assist you. Please click on link below to learn more!


Investor/Builder Service...If you're an investor, builder or developer and you're looking to utilize modular or panelized construction we can help. Today more and more builders and investors are choosing system-built housing and reaping the benefits. Enjoy quicker build times and increase profits, all at the same time. We have done the research and now it can be yours. Save valuable time and money by securing our services today!


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Modular Home Ratings Guide Package – Over 80 Builders Rated

When trying to select a modular home the first place to start is at the factory level. Get the facts on the factories that deliver to your area. Determining how the factories compare to each other in the areas of: Quality Construction, Design/Style, Appraised Value, Prices and options.
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Manufactured Home Ratings Guide PackageOver 65 Builders Rated

Manufactured Homes industry has made significant gains in recent years regarding quality construction and residential appeal. With todays technology and production techniques, these new homes silence the misconception that manufactured homes are poorly built and don’t measure up.

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How To Secure The Best Modular Home Loan

Knowing your financing options is the first step to securing a good deal. We have spoken with hundreds of modular home lenders and condensed the info you will need here.With it,you can avoid some common mistakes people make when financing their home.

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Modular Home Builder
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Negotiating with Your Modular Home Builder

On average 80% of homebuyers pay too much for their modular home. This resource will reveal important negotiating secrets and dealer profit margins that will give you an edge when negotiating with your builder.

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How To Spot A Well Built Modular Home

Most modular home builders have display models for potential home buyers to walk through. These models meant to impress. Aesthetics are important but don’t be fooled by appearances and miss what really matters; “Quality Construction.”

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