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Modular homes have the same expected longevity as site-built homes, with increasing value over time. Click here to learn more about our modular homes! Modular homes, once they're set in place on a permanent foundation, aren't expected to move again. They have to meet all the codes of a site-built home, and sometimes more.". Modular homes can be completed faster. Compared with conventional construction modular homes are constructed more quickly and are not subject to typical weather delays.

Modular manufacturers also build banks, schools, office buildings, motels and hotels. Modulars are typically less expensive, faster to build and more energy-efficient than other homes, but they?re otherwise indistinguishable. That makes them an attractive alternative for advocates of affordable housing. Modular homes are perfect for city or country living because they can be constructed so quickly. Remote home sites pose no problems for modular home construction as they might for a site-built home.

Modular homes may sound like mobile homes, now called manufactured homes, but they are vastly different. While many neighborhoods have restrictions regarding manufactured homes, most developments allow modular homes. Modular homes, also known as factory-built homes, are available as customized houses that look like site-built structures. The houses, delivered to a site as modules, are assembled quickly, saving time, money, and aggravation. Modular homes typically cost about 10 percent less than similar stick-built homes, depending on the style and size, Fulton said. And, with modular homes, weather delays are not an issue.

Modular buildings started to become popular these days The industry has not slowed down and has been continuously constructing and assembling prefab homes since then. Many homes that were constructed in the 1950s are still around and have greatly increased in value. Modular homes are the fastest-growing segment of the home building industry. A modular home is simply a home built to local building codes in a controlled, environmentally protected building center using precise and efficient construction technology. Modular Homes afford a great amount of freedom when it comes to deciding how the home should look, both on the interior and the exterior. First, there are a variety of floor plans to choose from, among which are single story, two story, Ranch, Cape Cod, and many others.

Modular homes have the advantage of placed upon multiple foundation surfaces such as crawl space, stilts, full basements etc. The most advantageous aspect of mobile homes is their assembly time. Modular homes, like traditional site-built homes, are financed with a mortgage. You are welcome to secure your own financing or your Platinum homebuilder can assist you in arranging financing. Modular Homes have a definite time advantage over the traditional stick built homes. Speed and consistent quality are the two main goals.

Modular options - Modular homes, as opposed to mobile homes, are built in sections, transported by truck to a destination and fully assembled. Modular homes have been used around the country for years but are only now coming into Louisiana.Last year, there were only about 50 modular homes erected in Louisiana, said Fred Hallahan, owner of Baltimore-based Hallahan Associates, a marketing and consulting firm focusing on modular housing. Modular homes can also be designed in almost any architectural style from Cape Cod to split-level to traditional two-story home and of course the ever popular ranch style design. You can even purchase modular additions that fit onto your existing home that will provide additional bedrooms, office space, garages, or sun rooms. Modules are almost complete when they leave the factory, including interior paint and flooring.

Modular homes can be anything you want them to be. If you do not see what you want, you should contact another modular home manufacturer. Modular homes actually meet and/or exceed all federal, state, and local building codes. Your modular home will appraise and appreciate in value like any site-built home. Modular homes from Statewide Constructions are built to lock up in its assembly plant. Then these modular homes are furnished and designed to suit user requirements.

Modular homes are shipped to the building site on two or more carriers, erected on the foundation by a qualified set crew and completed by GW Homes. Once completed, modular homes are indistinguishable from “site built” homes. Modular office buildings are a practical, modern way to maximize space and delineate limits and boundaries in any work environment. In fact, this has become a prevalent design in millions of office buildings around the world.

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